Current Services offered

  • Tree Removal

    • Complete removal of the tree , offering various options for the customers from taking away all brush and wood to leaving everything on the ground for the customer to haul away.​​

  • Limb Removal

    • Typical limb removal includes:​​
      • Limbs hanging over a roof​ 
      • Diseased limbs
      • Storm-damaged limbs
      • Fruit tree pruning
      • Selective pruning to enhance the natural beauty
    • Customer option to leave limb on the ground for their removal or complete haul away and clean up.

  • Crown Raising

    • Raising the lower branches of the tree to allow more light into an area​

  • Stump Grinding (on full service jobs)

  • Cabling (dynamic rope cabling)

High Angle Tree Service LLC
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